Friday, October 23, 2009

New Blog for a New Site

I just revamped my website and love it! I also created a new email address with gmail, so I figured I'd move my blogspot to match...making this my first blog on this site.

I started Jenelle's Handbags because of my passion for them. I love switching handbags to match outfits, but more than anything, I love BIG handbags.

Somehow, not quite sure, there's always SOMETHING else that needs to fit. And the day I take it out, that's when I need it. Large handbags help with that.

I recently sold two of the same model handbag from my site in different colors (Style: PI-BLK). It looks like a great purse, but not as large as you think. One of the ladies that purchased it, uses it also as a bag for her college books. It holds notebooks, folders and even some text books. Then when she's out of school, it doubles as a purse that she goes out with.

You can check out my website at I'm currently seeking new wholesalers and designers to purchase from so keep posted for new updates!